Photo Knowledge: the path to peace?

Knowledge: the path to peace?

Knowledge is the awareness of something due to the possession of experience or skills. Knowledge can also result from education or the implementation of theoretical teachings in life. The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat often said that peace is possible.

However, the presence of conflicts and violence in many parts of the world proves that it is challenging for most people to attain peace. Obviously, it is crucial for them to know the path to peace in order to enjoy harmony in the society and in the nation. Let us focus more on the role of knowledge in peace building.

Materialistic knowledge may lead to insecurity

Materialistic knowledge derives from indirect knowledge as it is from schooling and professional training. It consists of mastering different subjects or specializing in a field of study like medicine, chemistry, or sciences. Good mastery of a subject secures a prestigious, well-paid job. With high income, it is possible to raise the standards of living and live in comfort and luxury.

Accumulation of material wealth may lead to insecurity especially if the owner is arrogant and does not manage to maintain peace with the neighbors. Materialistic wealth may attract robbers and bad people to attack them. Thus, it can be said that materialistic knowledge and arrogance lead to insecurity.

Spiritual knowledge is a path to peace

Religious leaders and philosophers ascertain that the only path to peace is through the transformation into spiritual beings. Only spiritual individuals can attain inner peace and be at peace with God.

Furthermore, they can maintain a good relationship with their surroundings if they value the good fruit of Spirit more than use of power. By implementing the harvests of spiritual knowledge in life, it is possible to attain peace from: 

  • Gentleness, which consists of being kind to the others 
  • Self-control, which is the ability to control emotions and moods. This can also refer to the ability to control one's language to show respect and consideration to the others 
  • hope and love, which are the essence of peace as they lead to avoidance of violence. 
  • Humility, which is opposed to arrogance

How to attain inner peace through ‘knowledge'?

Religious people believe that inner peace is a gift from God. Regular daily meditation on the words of God and on his creeds is essential to understand the purpose of life. We have the potential to live in harmony with one another and lead a peaceful life as long as we stick to the teachings and words of God transmitted by his messengers.

The harvests of Spirit are given to each individual who holds fast to peace education and maintain love of God and love of the surroundings. Other scholars ascertain that it is also possible to gain direct knowledge through mindfulness meditation. There are several types of meditation techniques that can be applied to attain inner tranquility. The most common ones include mindfulness eating to improve their diets and solve body weight issues.

Others practice body scan mindfulness meditation to identify health problems and find the right solution. Zen meditation and transcendental meditation are other paths to knowledge and inner peace, which are used by more advanced practitioners. Still, others develop their knowledge of yoga meditations to promote well-being.

What kinds of knowledge are essential to build peace?

Several factors contribute to peace building; the list is non-exhaustive. Here are some of the most important things to know to remain humble and pacific: 

  • Everything in this life is temporary 
  • it is necessary to hope and believe to survive 
  • Love makes the world go round; without love, violence reigns 
  • Tolerance is necessary to address diversity peacefully 
  • Mutual help is essential to promote development

Communication is essential to gain knowledge

In brief, to attain peace, it is essential to develop and maintain communication. Yet, without love and humility, communication alone won't be able to resolve conflicts. In his teachings, Prem Rawat said that love and humility are the essence of peace. In other words, unless we act for love and stay away from self-pride, it will be impossible to communicate with each other to attain peace.

It is essential to be silent and listen to the spiritual guidance to achieve mind tranquility. Besides, it is essential to lower the self-esteem and respect the others to put an end to conflicts.

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