Photo Focus on the biggest conflicts in history

Focus on the biggest conflicts in history

Focus on the biggest conflicts in history

Throughout human history, wars among nations have caused high casualties, causing deaths of civilians and soldiers for diverse reasons. During the wars, direct and indirect causes may bring about millions of deaths. Many people died because of combats and massacres; but the aftermaths of wars often brought about famine and widespread diseases, which equally led to innumerable human losses.

Let us focus on the 5 biggest conflicts in history

World War II (1939 - 1945)

The World War II involved all the superpowers in the world, which were grouped into allies. The first Great War illustrates what the peace mediator, Prem Rawat, in his messages of peace, which says that it is possible to see conflicts arising in all parts of the world. The use of nuclear weapons during the wars and Hitler's holocaust made it the deadliest war.

The World War II caused the highest death tolls in human history. The war lasted 6 years, making many parts of the world battlefields, causing an estimated total of over 75 million fatalities. It was the deadliest wars in history. In fact, approximately 55 million human losses were caused by the wars; and, estimated 20 million deaths were due to indirect caused like post-war famines and diseases.

Chinese wars

China was marked by many kinds of deadly wars. For example, the deadliest was the Three Kingdoms(184 – 280), which took place during the foundation of the state of Cao Wei, China in 220. It involved 3 Chinese states, namely Wei, Shu and Wu, which terminated the Han dynasty and the setting up of the Jin dynasty. The early interstate fights lasted almost 16 years; and the major wars lasted 96 years, involving warlords from different sovereignties in China.

Yet, the death tolls reached an estimate of approximately 36 million. The Transition from Ming to Qing in China also resulted to a great deal of fatalities leading to estimated 25 million deaths. The war was due to the Manchu conquest of China and last 65 years, from 1618 to 1683. Other wars, including the Second Sino-Japanese War, An Lushan Rebellion and the Taiping Rebellion took place in China, causing a multitude of deaths.

European colonization of the Americas (1492 - 1291)

The conflicts lasted around 200 years, opposing the European colonizers to the inhabitants of the Americas, which include South America, North American and Canada. The conflicts caused a high rate of fatalities, which amounted up to 8,400,000. However, the majority of the death tolls were mainly caused by disease.

Hundred Years' War (1337 - 1453)

The Hundred Years War lasted over 116 years, when series of conflicts took place in Western Europe, causing 2,300,000 victims. The war involved the French House of Valois and the House of Plantagenet, which ruled over the Kingdom of England. The eruption of the Bubonic Plague, which took place during the Black Death period, stopped the war for some years.

In brief, the biggest conflicts in history did not usually last too long, but they caused a large number of fatalities over a few years. Other big conflicts slowly contributed to the uncountable loss in humans because of their long duration. Therefore, people are in a high need for peace, as Prem Rawat said.

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